Psychologies - Tricks for decluttering your spaces

Want to lead a happier life? Free up some space physically and emotionally – try these eight expert tips

28 NOVEMBER 2014 } by Psychologies

Don’t ‘churn’. Help For Hoarders says moving things around to different areas within your home is termed ‘churning’. This does little to reduce the number of possessions in your home. Rather than churning, let these possessions go altogether.
Think small. Professional declutterer Vicky Silverthorn says: ‘Don’t think, “I’ve got to tidy the house”. Instead, think, “I’m going to tackle that drawer”. This will be much less overwhelming.’ Set a kitchen timer or the stopwatch on your phone for 15 minutes and tackle the untidiest space you can see.

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Very timely.

The boxes of pan lids, mismatched socks and ceramic experiments will be showing up soon.