Psychological Interventions useful for SZ?

I have 2 sessions of psychology - today and Monday

These are like gold dust!

Anyone recommend a type to ask for?

I want to get the most out of this short time, but I need signposting

Have heard of CBT, but ignorant to anything else that may help

Google DBT Joker. My Psychologist recommended this for me instead of CBT but we never got around to it as I found talk therapy more helpful.

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There are psychology experiments being conducted by student psychiatrists and psychologists on various topics and or questions. The goal of these psychology experiments is to change behavior of the subject which is usually a schizophrenic. The student psychiatrist and or psychologists including their accomplices conduct psychology experiments in the the public open.

I have been a subject of a psychology experiment as I have mentioned some details about my own experience in the previous paragraph above. The goal is to observe, record and change behavior by psychological intervention.

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There are many studies showing that most methods are equal in effect size for most types of diagnoses. There is generally more research on CBT, but rarely ever any good quality research that identifies it as better than any other method.

However, therapist expertise in a method and client preference do influence effect sizes. So I would recommend you talk this over with your therapist and figure out together which method to choose. And if you’re not happy with the method, don’t be afraid to ask to if you can try something else.

There are exceptions to this rule but as of yet they are not many, and therapy research is often of pretty poor quality, which might make it more difficult to identify particularly effective treatments.
For SZ there is not a lot of good quality research on methods beyond CBT and psychoeducation. Therapy helped me with my SZ but I did not get any particular method.


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