Did you ever have psycho education? May go with hubby. Nurse and psych are good but just tell me not to worry about my diagnosis or why I am the way I am. For me once I understand myself I can forgive myself. I can’t explain anything to my hubby’s questions. He gets frustrated some times with things that I do (but he’s great). I ask the same questions like 4 times, I make sounds when I get intrusive images, I can’t do things no matter how much he encourage or push me (makes me feel worse), paranoia, intense fear about people following me, illusions and minor hallucination. 8 years getting worse in some areas. How can he handle those changes? I am not the same he fell in love with but he loves me anyways. I think someone explaining to him, a professional to learn about my illness, would help (and help me). When I had the c word 13 years ago I was going nuts knowing something was wrong with my body until I knew I had the c word then I tackled it head on and didn’t cry once. Every day I am worried my psych and nurse are hiding early Alzheimer’s or worse.

I have bp1, schizotypal, gad. Unless something shows up on my ct scan.

Did you have any psycho-education to learn? Family education? Did it help?
Sorry for long post

I went to psychoeducation when I first got my diagnosis.
I found it a great help, and it relieved me to know why I do things the way I do them.


Educate yourself, what can I say ?

Psycho education is important, but rarely taught.

It can be picked up from micro expressions and body language to stories, experiences and even emotions.

It’s a broad subject to tackle and no psychologist or group therapy can ever explain it to you.

But its good you decided to do this, its important.

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