Psychic said I was an old soul

When I was 2…I’ve been saying this for years my mom just said a psychic said this about me…

My sisters a tenant to this guy and they have a pond he started filling up the pond with the hose because he said he “thinks there might be a leak in the pond”. This guy went to Harvard :laughing:

They tell people those things.

It butters them up quite nicely.

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Maybe most psychics are fake, but I knew two people(in separate states, who didn’t know one another) that claimed to “see spirits and auras”. They both, on separate occasions, in separate states, told me, in two separate ways that a girl by my side told them that this is my 4th chance. The first said it’s my 4th time alive, and I need to learn to let go; and the second said “she said this is your 4th chance. this is your lesson”. It’s hard to surprise me with anything, but that left my mouth gaping…needlesstosay…this is just one experience…
I should say, my earliest memories I saw the number 4 everywhere, and I liked it. It stood out to me, and has been my favorite number for a long time. Not anymore for wahtever reason. Take it how you will.

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Pans. That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard you say yet :blush:

The psychic just wanted their money. A psychic told me I was a born leader: It made me think that psychics are full of it.

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