Psychic blocages and my suffocation

i still have the feeling that i suffocate. i am complexed of my image. for instance, when my mom is talking about the daughter of one beautiful actress and her daughter who is ugly. i make blocage on this cause i feel ugly too and i suffocate… i am fed up of this…i also feel guilt about some things etc…its probably the result of `my 13 years of isolation and despair :/… do you have some blocages also? we are strange i suppose :D…

I have a hard time breathing at times and I relate to the homely

yes thanks for the answer huckfinn. its the anguish i suppose. in my case its socially related cause i dont have this when i am alone…i wait with imaptience the day when i will go outside with self confidence, feeling beautiful and not so paranoid :slight_smile:

The mental health center is a nice hangout place. Maybe there is one by you