what’s your view on psychiatry throughout the ages

They are shooting in the dark so far.

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It has certainly become more humane, but as far as the medications go, there is a lot of work that still needs to get done. It’s good to no longer see people chained to a wall, or even doped up on so much Thorazine they sleep their life away, but there is still a ways to go. The stigma HAS gotten better, but again, not where it needs to be.

Pharmaceutical companies need to step it up and make effective antipsychotics that do not have harsh side effects. I think that these drugs should primarily target psychosis first. Zero metabolic side effects, zero weight gain but as effective as Risperdal or Clozaril, now that would be miraculous

I keep saying don’t the pharmaceutical companies realize how much profit there is making something that people actually want to take (that works for them)? If nothing else, can’t they at the very least make the pills taste good like those children’s chewable aspirin?


Well there are like 23 new meds in development and there is always CBD.

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Psychiatrists are too self absorbed to notice their customers. It’s all projection.

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my brother owns a medical research company…if he got ill i don’t think he would take the meds…that speaks for it self !?!
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i think they’re quacks, goto a neurologist.