Psychiatry turns to AI for new help with an old problem

AI is poised to help settle an argument that’s been roiling academic psychiatry for more than a century: Are bipolar disorder and schizophrenia two distinct diagnoses—or points along a single continuum?


It’s interesting. I wonder what the majority in psychiatry will say after more studies

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It’s a hard question. If SCZ and Bipolar are more solidly defined the question would probably answer itself.

Despite knowing they’re chemical imbalances of the brain, classification and diagnosis of SCZ & bipolar are still done using psychiatric symptoms. If, for example, we can prove SCZ correlates to a certain neurochemical signature and Bipolar corresponds to the same (yet less perturbed) signature, the answer would be obvious.

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The question is not related the similarities between the schizophrenia and any other condition ,but rather related what is the schizophrenia ?

Everything related the creation cause (structure /function) who establishing the sz condition inside the human nature in youth age /top of autoimmunity and makes it still for unknown time And is also introduces the bad side effects which classified as positive,negative and cognitive symptoms

The genetic treatment with drugs is a possible way to treatment the bad side effects of the symptoms to some degrees, but all treatments cannot target the bad functional cause itself and then cannot achieve the final recovery from the sz condition,therefore the genetic is a method of treatment not a cause of sz !

In other words,all anatomical and chemical changes that can be observed in a person with sz ARE not the creation cause of sz or the functional cause of its symptoms but they are also a results (bad side effects ) like the mental and behavior symptoms-
Yes like we say, and it is impossible to prove the reverse by the scientific test or even by verbal speech /written words

To save the time
The health condition which be called schizophrenia is represented in the structure /function of the thing be called hallucination NOT in the diagnostic symptoms whatever they are

So that,if there is another condition (like bipolar disorder) has the thing be called hallucination (the phonemic emitter ),this condition has becomes corresponded to the sz condition regardless any differences in the diagnosed symptoms !