Psychiatrists worst nightmare

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That’s all well and good as long as people aren’t trying to take advantage and use you.

A man should distance himself from such People.

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It’s a miserable person who points fingers at everyone but himself. He eats at himself with his anger.


Done and done.

I usually blame myself for everything.

Actually, that’s not stupid… Thought about it myself, blaming myself for everything.
Even psychology says it, you should not blame others.

I think it would be losing there own mind in the mist of all our conversation.:sweat_smile:

They probably would lose their minds ( :

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Kind of tongue-in-cheek, isn’t it?

It is… ^^,

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A Psychologists Worst Nightmare.

I Personally Have Actually Never Found Myself Trying To Reason With The Idea Or Ideas Of Foreseeing A Horrific Future For Someone Who Is Well Educated To Solve My Very Personal, And Sometimes Saddened And Terrible Psychological Issues Myself.

Not Judging Honestly, Everyone’s Spark, Heart, Circuit Wiring Energy Structure Is Unique And Individualistically Profound In It’s Own Sense Of Undeniable Endless Aspiring Worth.

It’s Jus, I Tend To Find More Comfort Among The Lushtaflurriah’s Who Sing Beautiful Song’s Of Joy And Greeting’s As I Wander My Psyche In The Pool of Wonder And Observation.

I Understand, It’s Not Supposed To Be Read Into, Too Deeply. But!, I Can Assure You, I’m Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed. I’m Jus As Wrong As Most In Thus Chaotically Undeniably Amazing Existence Known As Life’s Blanket Of Stars.


What Would A Psychologist’s Worst Nightmare Be?.

Maybe A World Where Everyone Lies. All The Time. Endlessly. Like A Spiral That Winds Outwards Into Infinity. Parallel Alongside More Lies. Lies Buried In Lies Buried In Lies Buried In Lies. Like The Joker Says In That One Batman Movie.

‘Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight’?.

Well. No Thanks Joker!. I Don’t Even Know How To Dance (!!!).

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