Psychiatrists in america

So i am going to america in july. But the problem is i should still be seeing a pdoc just incase. Im a citizen but i dont have insurance. How mu h is a visit? What should i expect and do? Thanks everyone

I am assuming that you will be paying cash since you do not have insurance. Private psychiatrists in the USA, I would imagine would accept cash upfront, but how about your meds - this gets very expensive. Visits vary from one psychiatrist to another. Private psychiatrists without insurance, can be expensive as well. $150 and up is the average for maybe a 15 minute session? Your initial evaluation can run hundreds of dollars because it is longer than the average session. Good luck to you

I have insurance, but my psychiatrist doesn’t accept my plan. So I pay $75 in cash at each visit. That might be manageable for you. But as Wave said, meds can run into the thousands of dollars.

There are a few options. If you’re not working, you could qualify for Medicaid for low income and the disabled. Also, most medication manufacturers have a prescription assistance program, where they provide you with meds at little to no cost. Third, many major city and county hospitals have charity healthcare programs, where you pay for psych and med services based on your income.

So there are option available to you. But it takes time and patience to find and apply for these services.

Best of luck to you.



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Are you coming here to live-or just visit?
If visiting, I would make sure you have everything you need before coming.
Hope you enjoy your stay!

I pay around 90 dollars a year. The rest of it the state covers since i am low income. So if you dont have lot of money in your bank, and the state you are going to visit have mental clinic than you dont need to worry about it.

Some psychiatrists charge on a sliding scale. Some therapists do too. My dentist does.

Seeing a nurse practitioner might be cheaper, sometimes they are better listeners too!

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I see a nurse practicioner, she seems more relaxed, laid back, and like a real person to me, than any psychiatrist I’ve ever met. psychiatrists I’ve met so far have all been jerks.

Sorry for taking so long to reply.
Im going to visit for 2 months. And i definetly dont apply for medicade becouse i am a minir and my family isnt low income.
I shurely will take enough meds to last me the trip, but i am horrified by the fact that i might not be stable before i come. Thats why i would need a psychiatrist there.

Read my answer. Some psychiatrists or therapists will charge on a sliding scale.