"psychiatrists are paid to promote certain APs"

That’s what my good psychiatrist said


That used to be true. In the US, it is now illegal.


Most do so even if it carry greater side effects. Patients or care giver should be well of the side effects of drugs and procedures doctors prescribe.

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No more free puppies and steak dinners.

When a new psychotropic drug comes out I can see why they would be eager to try it out. All the med’s have side effects.

The only reason pdoc’s want to “try out” new psych drugs is because they cost more money and the pdoc’s get financial kick backs from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing them.


I guess that tells you how much of a profit the pharmaceutical companies are making.

Doctors push certain drugs on to their patients.
They get kickbacks from pharmaceutical reps.

But my doctor isn’t like that really.
She’s a pro.


Some of my old doctors push some shitty meds like risperdal or abilify. They don’t use vraylar or the good ■■■■ or even have heard of the newest supplements or even the newest meds. They have their favorites of course.

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Not in my country.

Mine too
Maybe a couple of past ones

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My dr prescribes the newest ones usually, but for me we go cheap because I can’t afford the expensive new ones.

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Well I’m pretty glad that they’ve come out with the “atypical anti-psychotics”. I just loathed the typicals. Geodon has been a big help to me.

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My pdoc asked me if I would like to try Latuda. It didn’t work out for me, so he switched me back.

Yeah my doctor pushed me to try Vraylar, and I became psychotic.
I switched back to Risperdal.