Psychiatric tactics?

Well normally I get around with my vehicle doing my routine without too much assessment of other peoples sanity or what they are doing or behavior. But I hate it when someone else drops the hammer judges the hell out of me. Its like I am not in the position to be judged and if I was I would definitely scrutinize whether you have a professional manner or not. You cannot be unprofessional in places like stores or behavioral health clinics. Actually there is no room or space to be unprofessional at all around people period.

When I feel a lot of times people shrinking me down I have ni clue where the word shrink came from to represent psychiatrists, but I feel like when we do this the concept of someone taking care if you is not that When they take care of you they are actively evaluating your mental state. Often times I catch my uncle over the phone since he works for behavioral health I know I say the wrong things sometimes and so forth.

But the people that actually you hear take care of you are not doing just that. They are taking your susceptibility and I don’t know where else I’m headed with this but I’ll leave it at that. Until then eyes open ears open pay attention be professional. Life as a recovering schizo has no room or space for nonsense period. The ability to see clear through any situation means you are strong and stable mentally.