Psychiatric Nurse

So, I’m getting referred to a psychiatric nurse (UK).

I was basically discharged from the mental health services at the beginning of an episode that disrupted my life for 3 years. I don’t think they know what went on, although they were contacted by friends and family and I did go to a and e too.

I can’t remember a lot, and so much doesn’t make sense to me.

Would it be the right thing to fill in the gaps for them? I have spoken to a therapist in this time and my gp upped my abilify because I spoke a little about my “delusional experiences”.

Is it no longer relevant because it’s at bay right now, or is it a risk not to talk about it, incase it comes back?

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Ive had a cpn for 28 years, in various incarnations. You may have trust issues with them initially, cos the questions can be intrusive at first. But always be honest with them. Tell them everything, and that includes the good with the bad.

They can’t help you properly otherwise. They are great for getting forms filled in for things like pip as well - and often saves you the medical appointment.

Take it your been diagnosed Sz then?


I’ve not been recently diagnosed with sz, but about ten years ago with bipolar affective disorder and psychosis. I’ve been on abilify since I was 14, which was almost 20 years ago now…

I’ve seen a few different psychiatrists in this time. I had an excellent cpn before, but when I had my daughter he left and was replaced by a social worker.

I’m quite nervous. I think I might write down the main points of my experience in bullet points. I wrote to a therapist a few weeks ago, but it was a whole a4 page. I don’t think a cpn would have time to read it all…? Had some bad experiences with the mental health team, so it will take a while to build up trust.

Alot of people seem to forget the uk mental health services have had their funding cut for years, and they are overworked and understaffed. Same with social workers.
Just bear that in mind - if a question you put to them is not answered for a few weeks.

Yes - Good Idea to write down your issues on a piece of paper. You can refer to it then.

My Grand Mother was a doctor’s kid because my Great Grandfather was a doctor.

She had advice for me when I started seeing doctors.

For example, frequently she said, “Never tell a doctor how much money you have,”.

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