Psychiatric drugs need not be a bitter pill

"The chemical action of various dosages is different; & ‘increased/decreased’ dose isn’t simply a case of ‘increased/decreased’ effect - the chemical actions of these drugs can be very very different at different levels - & ‘more’ is certainly not always ‘better’ or more effective. In fact - these class of drugs can be far more effective at minimum dose.

Psychiatric Drugs - especially the neuroleptics cause significant brain chemistry & structural changes; (in use & withdrawal) - & these effects can vary greatly with many variables & factors - all people are individual; & drug effects change with individual physiology & psychology - with each individuals unique personal & environmental make up.

There really isn’t any science here - it’s Alchemy more than anything. No one really knows exactly what is going on with it all. Some people may be helped more than others - but there are no guarantees.

I do feel that there are many many ways of approaching severely altered/non-ordinary states; & medication is but one tool of many. It’s a shame that medication is about the only approach that’s on offer. I think that this is a sad & very unsatisfactory state of affairs - But this is the way things are."

About the best article that I’ve read on the use of psychiatric drugs is this -

From the book ‘One in a Hundred’ by Aiden Shingler -

"Neuroleptic drugs [also known as anti-psychotics or major-tranquillisers] are powerful & complex substances. There is a vast amount yet to be understood about the intricate interplay & specific interactions of these drugs on the neurological system. I feel, however, that they can fulfil a valuable role in assisting individuals in their quest for balance, but only if there is a balance of interests between those prescribing & those receiving.

It is lamentable that the means & methods by which these drugs are systematically imposed by clinicians gives rise to a profound conflict of interests.

Neuroleptics have the capacity to act upon the human psyche via the realm of alchemy rather than pharmacy.

My understanding is that schizophrenia is a psychic experience that manifests itself as spiritual conflict. The openness & susceptibility to the effects of paranormal stimuli by those undergoing Psyche-sensitivity can be overwhelming: a dam burst causing a flash flood of psychic activity that fills the planes of the mind.

If neuroleptics are administered sensitively, then rather than suffocating psychic activity through chemical saturation, these compounds can function as a filter, & posses the potential to limit the frequency & intensity of paranormal occurrences by reducing the psychic aperture, thus enabling psychic activity to be channelled & assimilated. Used minimally, these drugs can improve the life of the individual rather than impoverish it. All too often major tranquillisers are administered as an overdose that nullifies the neurological system rendering the recipient brain-dead.

The expression less is more springs to mind. Anti-psychic drugs need not be a bitter pill to swallow."

  • Aiden Shingler

I am all for the use of low dose antipsychotics - some people in crisis mode need higher doses.
There needs to be safer more effective antipsychotics put out there.

I am currently on a low dose of risperidone and doing ok - I really cannot go any higher because of side effects, but I could probably use the extra medicine, as my moods are not 100 percent


I’m currently on 4 mg of risperidone and it helps. I do however feel limited. @Wave How much can you handle before the side effects increase too much?

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Well, years ago I could tolerate 4 mg of Risperdal with no problems - recently I had to go up on my dose from a sub therapeutic dose of 1.5 mg - went to 3 mg and higher, up to 4 mg and noticed some activation, restlessness and panic.
I dont tolerate even 3 mg of Risperdal any longer - it increased my anxiety and made me me real fidgety.

My pdoc said that I might have to switch to Invega if I cannot tolerate 3mg and higher.
I feel that I need to take doses over 2.5 mg, my current dose but I cannot seem to tolerate the side effects, so I may have to switch to Invega soon - she said that some people tolerate the side effects of Invega better

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I started S q at 50 mgs, went up to 150 for a while, then – as the CBT, DBT, ACT, MBSR, MBBT, etc. began to grab hold and chill the stinking thinking that set off my autonomic nervous system into fight or flight – I de-titrated all the way down to 12.5 mgs at night. And that is it… for the time being, tho I sometimes PRN another 12.5 mgs if I feel “wrenched.” What I’m saying is that psychotherapy seemed to work for me.


i think it can for some people.

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