What do you think of psychiarits?

i think you cant spell very good



lol :stuck_out_tongue:



i thought that was grammar idk, tbf i was ■■■■ at english but i can still spell most things


I think psychiatrists are good guides,

But not the end all, be all fountain of knowledge.

You know you best and your treatment should follow like that.

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Lived experiance is much more impertinent lol

I mean important

Depends on the psychiatrist. I’ve dealt with some I didn’t like, had a bad experience with one, I’m good with my current pdoc.

Is that like arthritis, but you ache whenever you have to see your pdoc?

I think it’s more like a psychic artist.

I hate it when I take pictures of things that haven’t happened yet.


Marty McFly strikes again!

Never got the Fiero up to 88 MPH, and it’s sold now anyhow.

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Prolly would have caught fire anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 88 GT was a respectable machine other than underpowered engine and lack of flux capacitor.

Would have looked darn fine with a SQFM wrap.

Such a weird, lovable car. When they’re not burning up. :stuck_out_tongue:

The planned replacement of the stock engine with a 3.8L Buick Series III SC would have remedied the issue.

Oh, indeed. That would make for a very zippy little car.

I think they are doctors of mind

Some are good, some aren’t. I really like my current one

some are madder than us imo