Psych meds- sticking on them isn't totally easy

There’s always that little metaphorical voice saying “Do you really need them?” . It’s a constant fight to hang on to things like my pdoc several years ago saying I was doing better. Perhaps the before and after effects aren’t so great when any psychosis/psychotic thinking is relatively mild. In that situation it may be harder to see that the meds are making a positive difference. My care plan says the depot is to enable me to stay stable . The fear of repercussions keeps me on track despite the little metaphorical voice. I might be ok off meds , but then again I might not. I’m not sure it’s a risk worth taking.


I’ve cut down my meds I’m getting tired and irritated with them.

I’m at 15 mg zyprexa and have come off my mood stabiliser…


I’m in the same boat. I’m not sure if it’s worth reducing or getting off medication. My doctor refused to lower my Vraylar from 4.5 mg to 3 mg. He said I needed it. Should I go find another facility or doctor? I don’t know. He’s pretty good at what he does. I like his personality. That being said, I have not worked or gone to school since falling ill in 2011. I’m now 90-100 lbs overweight. I’m a chronic smoker too. I have stretch marks, wrinkles, and my skin is drying up. My teeth and gums are deteriorating from my behaviors. I don’t brush my teeth regularly. It’s too complicated.

Anywhoo, I just stopped Cymbalta yesterday and I feel like my cognition and emotions has improved. I’m supposed to just quit for a week and then start it back up, but I’m having a change of mind.

Vraylar has kept me mostly sane, out of the hospital, and safe. I went off the deep end a few times with my paranoia and psychosis. I’d say paranoia is one of the worst things a human being can experience. And I’ve experienced a lot of things.

I guess I like Vraylar because it is a dopamaine antagonist/agonist; it increases dopamine when low and lowers it when high. That’s pretty neat if you ask me and is the first med I’ve tried that does that. I notice the difference. I don’t feel like ■■■■ everyday.

That being said, I think I will eventually determine in the near future if medication is right for me.


I think that voices is the worst, just personal opinion.

I think you should stick with the meds, seems like you need them.

Great when they work, huh?


I’m not sure about that , but then I’ve not heard voices like most here. There’s been the rare occasion outside of the functional hallucinations(muffled voices when the toilet flushes)


I think it is relative. I’ve had 10 out of 10 paranoia but no voices except when falling asleep. I was off meds at the time, stressed, and paranoid. Sometimes, voices can be pleasant. My former psychiatrist said my paranoia was a sign of my intelligence. I think she is right.

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that seems like a strange statement from a pdoc.

But I know there’s lots of smart people on here.

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Interesting you say that. That’s been the case with me. Then there’s the grey area between pronounced intrusive thoughts and ‘voices’. That was a regular thing before getting on Consta. Random and unconnected stuff in my head unconnected to my main train of thought. Again a night time thing.


Well, I guess it can go both ways. If you have intelligent, complex delusions and paranoia it can be a sign of strong, but broken thinking. IMO, some people have simple delusions and paranoia. Mine were more complex. John Nash had paranoia, was he stupid? No. He wasn’t.

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I think that John Nash learned to negaviate

through his symptoms whereas most people

will not be willing or able

yeah he was a genius, and strong mind saved him.

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