Psych Meds Cause Brain Damage

I have issues with my medication and that it causes brain Damage. I also noticed a loss of feeling emotions even while listening to music. Now I’m feeling a lot of pressure in my head. I believe it’s brain Damage. Anyone else dealing with brain damage from psych meds?

What meds are you on? Maybe try Abilify, Rexulti or Vraylar. I have no negative symptoms on them, I have my emotions on them.


I’ve had periods of much pressure in my head that coincided with insomnia. It could be that your brain is inflamed. I used anti-inflammatory herbs which I took as tea to help me. You might want to try for example garlic, onion, turmeric, sarsparilla. All berries are good too, like blueberry and raspberry. They might not all work on you but experiment and try to pay attention if some of them lessens the pressure and then you got a new herbal or berry friend. If it doesen’t get better you should tell your doctor.

It started with Resperidone.

Risperidone gives me severe negative symptoms. Abilify, Rexulti or Vraylar don’t.

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I have been on low dose meds for 41 years. Cognition is still pretty good for my age, 73.
The illness itself can cause some loss of brain tissue that may not affect cognition.


for the first 6 months on forced injections i had headaches and head twitching. Theyve mostly gone away after the 6 months. I do think its the brain adjusting to medication.

Schizopzhrenia causes brain damage
It also blunts feelings

I thought you havent tried vraylar yet?

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No I haven’t tried it but Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar all have the same mechanism, partial agonist. I should have said that it has 90% chance of working for me as maybe I could be allergic or have serious side effects. I am refusing the Rexulti, its essentially Abilify, the pdr is suggesting next week, Abilify made my personality worse, impulsive and compulsive. I felt like a drug addict while on it.

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41 years! I am 78. I like Latuda.


There’s is only some truth to this. According to some, some of the medication (particularly older or potent types of a certain action) are known to cause certain cognitive dysfunctions (or there’s more appropriate language to use than that word).

For the most part, just having symptoms is a sign that you are already dealing with a brain which isn’t normal or that is, dysfunctional. It’s likely the meds which cause frontal lobe problems (olanzipine is documented to do this) are not causing permanent damage, or it is reversible.

When I was first put on antipsychotics — I noticed a lot of things got worse for me and it was (I suspect the olanzipine), at the time I did not hear voices or experience paranoia; I only experience disordered thinking and illogical or confusion between real and false.

I developed memory issues, cholesterol issues, apathy and maybe other things too.

But for the most part, partial antagonist abilify has worked fine for me.

It really depends on the medication and also how it is used as well as when and with who.

If you are worried with your current antipsychotic you HAVE to communicate this by researching as much as you can. If the dr or nurse is not listening, you MUST seek a change in professionals.

The only way to make partial or workable recovery from this illness is to take back as much cognitive control as possible; this starts and is demonstrated by how actively you can pursue normal activities — including dealing with your health care and providers.

Good luck!!!