Psych clinical

Last night was my 1st night on my psych rotation for nursing school. I was really worried how it was going to effect me. Imagined I’d be overwhelmed, panic and have to leave. But I didnt, it went well. The patients at this hospital are acute and chronically mentally ill. Many have been there for 20+ years and are institutionalized.

The hospital itself was horrible, right out of a horror movie insane asylum. Except the staff wears street clothing. The funny thing is you can’t tell who is a patient and who is staff sometimes, LOL!.

Probably the hardest thing about the night was when our instructor was.orientating us and brought up suicide. We had a discussion on suicide and it brought up a lot of unresolved feelings. About my own past attempts.


Glad you made it through, and glad you’re here.

That’s really brave of you to work on a place like that. Congratulations on your strenght.

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Congratulations on being able to get through that.

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