Psych camp

Ok we got 6 I think, any more?

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this is not real , come on!
How are we going to get there?
We are all around the world, even the US itself is a huge country,
but if certain people are capable of travel then good for them.

We can crowd fund it with kickstarter! Yay

r u in the USA?

I’m in Portugal

Steve Grand had substantial success with this approach.
Apart from money there is also a question about capacity to travel., that’s what I meant and wrote.

Travel buddy? 151515

I’m down! That would be dope if such a thing exists.

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I mean this is probably the #1 site for sz in the world. Maybe someone would sponsor this study. Sz is a fairly rare condition and the chance to study all the variations has got of be valuable to pharma or some psych organizations


I have never been to Portugal. I would go. I would drink port. What is the national food of Portugal?

Oh that would be cool/funny :laughing:

I wanna volunteer with people like me. I will ask my therapist about it

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I want to get be my brain to the camp so they can throw darts at it

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I’d have to say the national food is bachaleu which is salt s cod that is then re hydrated and cooked in many different ways. Most popular dish is bitoque which is a thin steak with egg on top in a butter / garlic sauce served with rice and or fries. I like the bitoque not so much the bachaleu.

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