I have allergies every year. This year seems very bad. I broke down and got some pseudoephederine which works great to unblock the sinuses and the lungs but I’m angry and bitchy. Also I’m worried because they make meth out of it somehow. How does that turn into meth? Is it really dangerous I wonder? With my history I get worried it will trigger me somehow. I guess I’m just being paranoid or need something to worry about. Next lifetime I’m coming back as a redwood tree, being a human is too stressful.


I took this as a dope in the past when I was a teenager and I didn’t know that I am quite ill. But I was mi back then too so it didn’t do nothing special to me. Don’t worry a lot about this. I took worse things than that.
Maybe somebody else will know more about it…

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If you take more then 60mg a day,you might experience symptoms like fast heart beat,frequent urinating and if you take more then 120mg’s a day psychosis.Speaking from my own experience.It’s not meth,and it takes technical work to turn it into a meth.

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omg that’s terrible. How many pills is that?


What says on bottle?

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oh I don’t know, my husband keeps it locked up with the rest of the meds. It’s just little red pills. I’ll find out later what mg it is I guess


Don’t worry too much…If you haven’t had any symptoms,and it works fast(except if it’s long release),nothing will happen to you…

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the main thing I notice is my personality changed. I’m bitchy. I’m normally very nice.


Then don’t take any more today.It is OTC,and often given to children.Try wikipedia for it.

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no I won’t. Yes, it is the same as the one the Dr gives to my son for his allergies


If you have chronic sinusitis like me,ask the doctor for Beconase spray for nose.I use it and it’s safe.You don’t have to use it every day.


oh it’s 30 mgs just like my son’s


How many did you take?


I took 2, I thought that was what the box said

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It’s ok then.I used to abuse it as teen,so…I think no more then 60mg.

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oh ok, well it does work well. I can breath nicely. But it should be sparingly I think. You know you have to give them your ID to buy it?


It has alternatives this days.I’m not sure,but pseudoephedrine has two versions.One is chloride and it works fast,the other one which is safer is sulphate.

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oh I’ll check which one I have next time I get some. Did you quit taking it?


I just take regular Zyrtec along with Flonase and Singulair. The pseudoephedrine make my heart race really bad so I don’t get the ones that have that in it.

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Yes,I took the last time six years ago…

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