Pseudo intellectualism

6 Signs of a Pseudo-Intellectual Who Wants to Look Smart but Is Not - Learning Mind.

He forgot #7

They write an article about pseudo intellectualism

Lmfao jk. Me and the author are buddies so I’m joking :upside_down_face:

But I couldn’t relate to any of the six :sweat_smile:


The author is a she.

Interesting article,

I see it all the time.

Seems like everyone knows everything these days.


I had a boyfriend like that. He would use complicated words for simple things, and then act all condescending and huffy if you didn’t understand.
He also seemed to think IQ points were linked to your worth as a person, and would humblebrag about his at any opportunity.

Hmm. . .

I Appreciate My Threads So Much I Actually Comment In Them. And No One Else Seems To Care About My Outstanding, Amazing, Critical, Hopelessly Charming Threads, Probably Because They Are So Perfect And I Am So Smart That No One Understands Anything I Say, I’m Sorry Y’all |||+||| :yum:

Yes, that must be it.

Hmm?. . .

Woah Man, Woah!. . .

You Jus Hit My Sarcasm With Sarcasm, The Sarcasm Force Is Strong In Thus One!. |||+||| :yum:

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Psuedointellectual is a slur against dumb introverts. Some of us cant help it.

IMO, people who admit when they don’t know something instead of pretending they know it all is a sign of not only intelligence, but humility as well.


Hmm. . .

Is That Sarcasm?.

Is The Force Within You As Well?.

Has The Forum Began It’s Dance Within The Sarcasm Party (???). |||+||| :yum:

Nope, I’m being forreal forreals.

…Only after I eat Taco Bell.

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@Zwaynopolous are you a girl or a boy? What is going on?? Are you serious or what?

I truly believe that I can learn something from every person I talk to.


And how is this relevant?

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im of average intelligence but i have too much free time and rarely socialize so in conversation i spew a bunch of random facts about stuff im interested in. i second guess myself alot tho so i never make a statement about something unless i can confirm im right. ive been isolated and inactive so long that i can barely do math without a calculator lol


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