Pschoanalysis/therapy in general

ok so this guy illrick shetland who my cpn referred me to does proper sit on the couch and tell me about your mother psychoanalysis i have to pay for this treatment all be it not very much have any of you had it did it help what other kind of therpies have you tried i really dont know if i should go for this or not.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a therapist like that, though I believe it would be very helpful to me. If he doesn’t make you feel bad, I say go for it, at least for a little while, and see if it helps. My current therapist is very shallow. He only wants to talk to me about the weather, and how my classes are going. I tried going to another therapist, but she made me feel very bad. When I confessed my violent/intrusive thoughts to her, she said, “That’s not normal!” and insisted on contacting the clinic where I see my psychiatrist and psychologist. She had no experience, and was very insensitive. I wasn’t going to be her experiment, so I canceled my next appointment with her and (on her voice mail) told her that I rescind my permission to talk to the clinic.

Any therapist that focuses on past family issues and links this to schizophrenia, is practicing Freudian type of old fashioned psychoanalysis. This type of therapy can be downright dangerous towards the schizophrenic patient.
Supportive type therapies - CBT is more of an appropriate kind of therapy for schizophrenia. Family - Support Groups- Social Skills training are acceptable. Talking about how Mother screwed up my life and this is what lead to me being schizophrenic plays no role and can be damaging.

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I agree with Wave. Sz is not best treated with analysis. desimb

carlolineC not a great theroistn “thats noot normal” no therpist has the right too make u feel thatbwayn she just sounds like she bad at her job.
wave THANKYOU! finally i thought as much but i cant get CBT only this has been offered to me i really dont want to dredge up the past anymore i REALLY DONT lol
thankyou disimb.
tc everybody.

my shrink speaks psych lingo with me and he explains why and how I think and behave the way I do…down to the smallest things…like he explained my red hair fetish as well as he could, he also explained my anxiety and psychotic symptoms as well as he could…like why, how, and what can be done about it, that sort of thing.

He is smart as â– â– â– â– .

He suggests that I can rewire my brain to some extent because I show strong willpower and he had me read a book about neuroplasticity and how I can correct faulty wiring through exposure and other methods