Pruning and grafting

So one of my ambitions is to be a tree surgeon. I have started to practice on myself, but I don’t understand the theory. Do I have to put it into mathematics?

I think you just need to start growing things and be sucessfull at it, the maths needed is to calculate when to plant and how much water to give.

Watch those heart transplants, they’re tricky.

Roses take 45 degree cuts. I hope I’m not overthinking this but just taking it on face value. I can’t grow shite. I’ve tried and people give up on me. I’ve not a green thumb for sure but it really is an art growing stuff. Please. Don’t practice the pruning arts on oneself.

I’m reviving a bonsai tree, it hasn’t had green leaves for over two years, I’m giving it Chinese medicine, it has some yellow leaves now.

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