Provoked By Voices in my Head

I keep getting provoked by the voices. I have a hard time restraining myself. Sometimes I have to blurt out how angry I am. I want to restrain myself one hundred percent. I hate how the voices mock me. Sometimes I think some of my classmates cursed me out to become schizophrenic and then I get mad. I get mad at how pointless having this illness is. My time gets wasted and all that goes on in my mind is that I hear voices about really trivial things. It’s very irritating! How can I control myself from raging from time to time? I would like to be one hundred percent restrained from behaving badly.

I would say there is reason for these voices and you can apply remedy if you understand it, but it might take some work, and resource to better drugs. Enhancing drugs, instead of inhibiting ones sound good. If it is you regurgating other voices you can understand that factors that cause them. Stress is one of them, but there are others like lack of sociality due to being too inward. A want for friends, and stress that has the illusion of friends being rude. You should reconsider the drugs you are taking, for the inhibitors may make you too lethargic to have enough stimuli and the voices represent your mood. I really want to help grace, but this is all I can say.

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