Protests on new education policy of india 2020

In India new education policy 2020 are finalised, but protests are happening for some issues. It is mostly a copy of American system. One of the protest are in gender issues. It establishes that that the gender of a human is a social issue and not the physical one. So most people understand that they are wrong side in opposite body as they want. There for operation of gender change are going on in America.

My meaning of “gender is a physical issues” is not like women can’t able to do anything. But if a company apply women for night shift work or govt recrut women in police and army, then it is necessary to provide them sophisticated equipment and mental, physical training.
I am also, when require to go to site with a lady coworker 50-60 km away from town then I prefer a third person, either a site engineer or driver or site assistant or a labour in the car.

Hi Aku. I’m just waking up from about 3 hours sleep from last nights few hours sleep so I don’t know that I’m prepared to deal with the cultural differences here.

But if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that a women would need sophisticated equipment/training as when compared to a man when working at night? I’m not getting why.

Also, it also appears that you are also saying that you are afraid to be alone with with a female coworker while away from town. Why? Do you fear you cant control yourself? Do you fear that the female coworker will accuse you of something? I know in some places, woman aren’t expected to be alone with a man that is not their husband. Is this what you mean?

I really don’t feel like tackling this this morning but I started now, so I guess I’m going to.

I am replying as, if you understand. It is very easy for me to make a lady coworker to propose in this condition. Wheather i was married. So my above post reduced any chance of it. And i am able to follow the guidelines and law of the government.
Its also not mean that i never use any prosteetute.

I’m not sure I understand, but I think you are saying that it would easy for you to make an unseemly proposition to a lady coworker if you were left alone with her and you don’t want to take that chance.

I think I get what you are saying. Is that what you mean?

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Yes, my English is not good. I studied in Hindi medium school.

I see. What are the sophisticated equipment and training that a lady would need to have to work at night? If the concern is assault, wouldn’t a cheap can of mace be sufficient?

No, my mean , either of it. If a women police then at least require a pistol. Not a wooden rule. But a men police can work in night with a wooden rule.

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I see. Well thanks for chatting with me and informing me of some of the differences in culture/laws/policy. I’m not sure how well received this post will be by some members. Oftentimes these differences are not well received, but I think I understand where you are coming from.