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I am now carrying protection with me this is where having good prefrontal cortex function is a must. It is about what you can get away with i am carrying in my left cargo pocket a broken handle of a durable white plastic spoon. The end snapped off creating a simple shank.

My keys have been modified on a key tag and key rings and an elastic band to hold 2 of the 3 keys. Making it usable as a basic weapon as well. Lastly I am carrying a XL parker pen in my right cargo pocket. The dual color makes it seem benign and the lower part is plastic. I can easily get away with this even if i was searched.

I have to be very careful because the reason i was put on antipsychotic is for collecting knives and for having other plans i will not make the same mistake twice. This is mainly for protection from dogs these 3 implements. I will be able to get them off me because it would be very uncomfortable for them i would aim for the eyes. I am outside all the time many many places


Lol,you will be put on an antipsychotic if you do that. Most probably put on an injection even for non compliance

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After a couple of times carrying that one around in my right cargo pocket i decided that it was not optimal too much weight. It really is very similar to carrying a pistol on you the weight consideration it could literally ruin all the fun i have walking

So I am now carrying a black bic cristal pen. One advantage i think is flicking the cap off the end once that is done it is primed and ready to go, with a click pen you cant be sure whether it is extended or not in the heat of battle. That is literally the lightest pen you can the buy the bic cristal i will weigh them on some scales i have some time

Oh dear just be careful sweetie. Only use it if absolutely necessary don’t go swinging it in the air :smile: We want you well.

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