Protecting IQ of people at risk for psychosis


Sorry for my english is not good.does this article assume that using antidepressant following by aps protect intelligence?

The AD has to be used in pre teens at high risk before psychosis has occurred


That’s pretty cool. They don’t specify a particular SSRI, seems like multiple SSRIs showed up on the patients’ medical records.

And the younger the patients received this treatment, at around 10-12 years of age, the more the frontal lobe and the hippocampus – and therefore the intellectual capacities – were preserved from deterioration caused by the psychotic illness. The second observation is that a neuroleptic drug – prescribed in small doses to control psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions – also seems to have a positive effect if added to SSRIs during adolescence. “These two medications, especially when combined, have thus preserved the anatomical structure of the brain affected by the degradation responsible for the decline in intellectual capacity”, remarks Stéphan Eliez.

I started SSRIs at 14. They were the old ones not in use in kids much anymore and the side effects blew. But maybe not all bad.


There is no any relationship between The hallucination (the active material of the sz condition) and the IQ or ignorance rate
There is no anything in our natural world have the ability to prevent the occurrence of sz condition before,during or after its happening

look into what they said" the problem is that when a psychotic disorder occurs,such as Sz,the brain frontal lobe /the hippocampus are particulary affected …etc"
This means that,the changes in the frontal lobe /hippocampus are not the cause of sz ,but they are the final result of the effectiveness of the sz’s factor on these regions
OR,the effect of sz is precedes the changes in the frontal lobe / hippocampus ontologically and causing them functionally !!

Or the change in the frontal lobe/ hippocampus is a reaction (Result) not the action or / cause who is creating,developing or inducing the sz health condition

In essence, if there is any anatomical changes be noticed in the basic biological structure ,it just a result of sz effectiveness. I said all of the above !

If any human being saying that,the characteristics of the things be called hallucination is a symptom of the health condition be called schizophrenia, it will result in an unrealistic understanding for everything related the personality of the person,the real active condition ,the final cause…etc
All his conclusions are wrong from A to Z !

In fact,HE does not know what is the real condition which he calls it schizophrenia ?
He does not know ,what is the internal manifestations of the new health condition which the person felt it and coexists with inside himself (emotional theater and the conscious mind)?

I say " there is no any thing in our natural world have the creative characteristics (genetic,chemical,functional…etc) to create,develop or induce the inner manifestations of the new living independent health condition which be add suddenly in the age of youth ,and the person felt it and remain feels it to unknown time ,these manifestations of the condition be called hallucinations,and it is a whole living conscious health condition,the main root, and it is not a human mental /behavioral symptom or any schizophrenia or any condition,disease and illness "

Any individual in the world diagnosed with sz ,
in reality he suffers from only active single condition that you call it by term hallucination,and there is no any way to diagnosing this condition except the individual who coexists with moment by moment during the waking time .
Therefor,the external observer are unable to sees,hears,talks ,touches ,feels,perceives or knows the taste of coexistence with this condition at all.

All common diagnostic symptoms including the positive,negative , cognitive , chemical imbalance or anatomical alterations …etc (whatever they are in all levels ) are not the creation cause of the condition itself and never precede the condition existentially.
In all possible cases,the man must be coexisting with the hallucination before the appearance of any symptom output ,because the multi symptoms are just the result of effect (the result of coexistence with the hallucination )
They are the final result (outputs) of the effect -no more

All patterns of causal factors including the genetic,chemical, immunity ,familial ,social and environmental bad conditions are unable to create the living whole health condition nor its specific symptoms ,because the condition is a hostile supernatural psychic creature not human in nature from all side of views .
It is easy for you to underestimate with what we said,BUT

Impossible to understand any real fact about the health condition be called schizophrenia outside our simple description - whatever your attempts !

Notice that, all what you know about the sz is no more than a knowledge with some manifestations of a group of symptoms(it is the result of effect ) that anyone can know - without knowing the Active Cause ,Mechanism or the pattern of Effect

Therefore no one of you have the ability to explain the occurrence of any process or event related the condition in away that corresponding its actual reality AS the individual with sz was felt and perceived inside his conscious mind / emotion

I’ve been taking IQ tests online for 20 years. Years before and after my experience with psychosis and schizophrenia. I’ve had all kinds of psychotic experiences and I’ve been on numerous drugs. Anti psychotics, antidepressants, anxiolytics and through it all my IQ has remained stable, averaging around 130.


How can protecting IQ of people with risk of Hallucination ?

We see that,most of you underestimate with reality of active characteristics or its effect that related the things that what you call it Hallucination,even you call him a fake name (hallucination) that work in the mind of the reader to add a curtain of clouds that hide his malicious reality !
You will never know the real ID of the thing from within the name “hallucination”

In the actual reality,it is a professional killer of the highest degree of Intelligence
,planning and tactic without example in our world !
It kills the mind of its prey (victim /host )by conducting an extended ,non-stop bilateral conversation throughout the waking time

It has seeks all time to change the prey’s belief about all things which be known during the lifetime,and injects all patterns of angry feeling And believe in instead of disbelieve (and vice versa ) into the emotional theater
The result of this malicious behavior is forming a highest risk to the human being in all aspects of his life !
For example,this effect leads to the non-stop draining of the movement’s energy of its host as long as the bilateral dialogue is continuing, which result in all patterns of chemical imbalance

Believe or not Believe
The audible voice is not a physical voice in nature,but it is a supernatural kind of the phenomenon that you call it the idea /thought which be used to manage all human behavior

The voice is not a voice as you think,but it is an Operation Orders in itself like the genetic message (working map) of DNA gene that be secreted to operation copy gene (RNA)

  • The effect of audible voice on the host’s mind is like the effect of DNA message, therefore the voice induces a mental perception in the conscious mind of the host corresponds the content of the voice message

Therefore,if the hallucination says any false word /statement whatever it was ,you will perceive the concept /meaning mentally as an output IDEA not an audible input physical voice

The question
What do you do to protecting the IQ of people with hallucination ?

Ä° read that brain and iq of people who has visual hallucinations brain get more deterioting

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