Prostate cancer and a possible link with schizophrenia

Prostate cancer genes and schizophrenia

The STin2 12R/10R variant of the SLC6A4 gene and the -521T/T homozygosity of the DRD4 gene tended to be overrepresented in PC patients with unfavorable disease prognosis.

These gene variants are regarded as protective against schizophrenia, and the observed trend may be directly related to a reduced PC risk described for schizophrenia patients.


Did I read that right? Schizophrenics have a REDUCED risk of prostate cancer. Finally some good news! I was expecting it to say we have increased risk or something, like we seem to with everything else.


My father got pc 10 years ago hopefully he healed.that s why i was afraid to get it.thanks for info.

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