hey guys i went to the doctor for a check up and found my pulse was very fast 152 bpm. just wondering is anyone is also on this medication?


yes but my pulse is normal. i don’t think it’s the propanalol, if anything it should slow it down.


i was given the propranolol to slow my heart rate


yes,i have been on it for about 2 years…i am being taken off it this past week,it can cause hallucinations…which i am having a big problem with…yes,i know …why did it take so long to get off of it??? because the 3 doctors i complained to did not think propranolol was the reason…my family doctor took me off of it …anyway…i am up set about this…can you tell??? i should know with in a month or so if this helps…wizzer8187 hope you start feeling better…


My son was put on propanolol (Inderal) about 3 years ago. It was for rapid heart beat, borderline hypertension (high blood pressure) as well as the tremor thought to be because of the antipsychotics. He takes 40 mg in the morning and at night. He recently had to switch psychiatrists. The new doc has kept him on the same meds, but told him when his anxiety is bad, he can take 1/2 a pill (20 mg) to help. Because it can slow the heart rate it helps with anxiety and that pounding in the chest feeling


I had it to prevent migraines. It worked for that. But my heartrate was 60 bpm, period. I had a physical job and needed to get a pulse to manage. I just dropped on the floor exhausted.


I found and empty foil packet ofthis medication on the floor in my front room in 2007. No one had been in my house (no one should have been) and my ex was out of the state.
Never figured it out.