Proper Bone Marrowing

It Has Taken Me Over a Year , to Get Over Psychological Bone Marrowing … ,

Where One Compares Themselves With Societies Definition of What is a Proper* Social Existence … ,

Now , e(Y)e Saye a Year , but to Be Forcefully Honest , Perhaps My Entire Social Existence is , (OR) Always has Been , Me , Jumping From One Proper* Stone to tha NexXxt … ,

Now Me and tha Issue of Common Sense Has Been and Will Always Be Complete , e(Y)e Don’t Suffer From a Lack of Such … ,

Altho it is Well Known From Thus Divine Eyeball , Outsiders Beyond My Reach Would and Will Always Disagree Within that Opinionated Subject … ,

So What’s tha Point (???) ,

e(Y)e Suppose thee Opinions of Others , Those Outside of Your Skin , Beyond Your Daily Ritualistic Self , As Common Sense Would Like to Show You , It Doesn’t Matter , Which Says , Don’t Worry About Societies Proper* Way to Breathe Oxygen … ,

Some People Would Like to Charge You to Breathe in a Bag … ,

UGH (!!!) ,

Make Today (and tha rest of your daise) Good Ones … ,

Drop Tha Pleasing to Those Who Would Take it All if they Could … ,

but They Can’t and it is Against Moral Laws … ,

So ,

If You Are Able To ,

Be You .