Propanolol max dose

The shrink told me the maximum dose for propanolol is 160mg.

I challenged that and said the maximum is 320mg.

Later I looked online and the maximum dose is 320mg but for high blood pressure. I need that strong dose to help me with this wretched illness.

I use the drug for severe Akathisia.


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I’d trust your doctor over google research.

Of all the times I’ve tried google research when it comes to health,

I’ve been right exactly once.

And it was about my dog, not even me.

I think you should listen to your pdoc.


You could faint at that dose id imagine

I was on a very low dose of propanolol and passed out in my front yard for twenty minutes taking the trash out.

Slept all the time.

It was horrible.


there’s pills for high blood pressure, Phil takes them.
this is not an appropriate med for that.

Yes i made the mistake of taking it before a mountain bike ride. Half way through i had to just lay down in the woods for half an hour. Was a nice nap lol.


Thank you for your responses.

I become tolerant to most meds except clozapine.

I took 320mg of propanolol straight for the past two days. I did not pass out and it seems

weaker than initially.


I refused proponolol for akathisia, why risk messing with your heart health.

I take Trazodone for my akathisia. 75mg/day. You may or may not need a higher dose. Works beautifully and I don’t have any side effects from it.

50mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening.

I think it’s a faaaaaar better option than proponolol. My pdoc mentioned proponolol but I said I be wanted to use Trazodone.

If you increase your proponolol you risk having low blood pressure and all the problems that come with that. Especially at a high dose when your blood pressure is not high to begin with.

I highly recommend you print out this article and show it to your doctor. It’s legitimate, USA government website.

My personal experience says to give Trazodone a try.

i switched to invega and my akathisia is no longer. i can’t be thankful enough. I lived with severe akathisia for 20 years. I know what you’re going through. invega does not present this symptom in me. maybe you should talk to your pdoc. it really changed my life.

I failed to mention that I am on trazodone 150mg.

I have been on it for 2 weeks but doesn’t really work.

I will wait the full 6 weeks to see if it has an effect.

I have dropped my propanolol does back to 160mg on doctor’s advice.


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I take another beta blocker, Toprol XL
I think that it slows me down but I take a relatively low dose of it for a fast heart rate and high blood pressure.

Taking propanolol had reduced my heart beat from 100+ to around 70-80.

It probably has been a life saver as 100+ heart beat puts excessive pressure on the heart.

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Oh, then it may not work for you if my experience is any indication…

2 weeks or 6 weeks wasn’t need for me. Trazodone started working within an hour of my first dose. I took 25mg of Trazodone and my akathisia symptoms dropped by about 80%. But I ended up needing to take 75mg/day to completely eliminate my akathisia.

I take my Trazodone at the exact same time as my Latuda.

They say trazodone can also be used as a sedative at night.

If anything it perks me up.

Does it make any difference to you if you take it at night or early



Trazodone does help me sleep better. I have really bad insomnia and take 1.5mg of clonazepam for that and it works pretty good, but when I started taking Trazodone for akathisia my sleep improved quite a bit. But in its own Trazodone isn’t good enough for my insomnia. It’s the clonazepam Trazodone combo that’s made a big improvement in my sleep.

I take Lurasidone (Latuda) twice a day. 30mg in the morning with breakfast and 30mg in the evening with dinner. It has to be taken with food.

I take 50mg of Trazodone with my morning Latuda and 25mg with my evening Latuda.

I’ve had zero akathisia symptoms, I sleep better and no side effects from Trazodone.

And I am in a better mood too. I take latuda for schizophrenia but the latuda website advertises it on their homepage for bipolar depression. And Trazodone is an antidepressant. But I’m not depressed. So being on two medicationa that target depressive disorders while not being depressed myself has lifted my mood for the better. They both act on various serotonin receptors in various ways, and serotonin is responsible for mood (among other things).

There is an phenomena with some meds called 'the paradoxical effect" where meds have the opposite effect they normally do. That could explain why it perks you up while most others become drowsy.

Right now the Akathisia is so bad I am having trouble typing this message.

I pray to God that I am relieved of this feeling.

I don’t know what else to say but am reaching out to my fellow schizophrenic friends on this web site.

Your words help me seek peace.