Propaganda and selfishness (pointless rant)

Im tired of living in a world where the news talks about sht like how its a good thing to work as a retired person so you can ‘keep busy’. No, fix your broken system. Dont brainwash me to think any of us want to work at home depot until we drop. Then pass off that brainwashing as if its organic thought or the public opinion. But it will be our view after we watch it on the magical screen. Which is here for the people right?? Or is it like a sedative that makes us think “oh well i make ok money, have benefits, and i even get to go on a cruise for two weeks a year”. So am i getting the picture? Throw away your humanity so you can watch porn (its all porn. If its on the tv -its porn).

■■■■ people, children are starving to death, grown men are killing each other over delusional thought, we harvest other animals systematically. Aren’t you mad?? Why the ■■■■ aren’t you mad!!?


I have a principle for myself: if you don’t have the solution, don’t tell others the problem,

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It’s bull$hit folks, it’s all bull$hit and it’s bad for ya

  • George Carlin

you cant tell people anything, especially a solution. All you can do is use words that hopefully allows them to see clearly. We were born into this world with the answer, then these rules made us forget it all.

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Answers to fundamental questions are not easy, humanity is perished somewhat, there is so many different beliefs and perspectives that unity is not possible, at least for now,
We are very far from a perfect world and its problems does not solve with arguments, there are many hidden and dark places in human psyche, however I don’t deny that light exists too,

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I don’t watch the news anymore, specifically because of crap like this. They take heartbreaking stories about kids having to wash cars to raise money for their parent’s medical expenses, and try to pass it off as a beautiful inspirational tale of the value of hard work. No! Kids shouldn’t be having to work their butts off so their parents don’t die! There’s nothing inspirational about that.

Maybe you should stop watching the news, too. There are so many problems, and it’s easy to get burnt out caring about all of them. Instead, pick one specific way to help one specific problem. For me, I volunteer here and I decided to do fostering. I can help kids in need. The rest of it, all the pain and suffering, I tune out. Not because I don’t care, but because I care too much and can’t subject myself to that much pain all the time.

Maybe you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, or donate old clothes to a charity, or do your shopping through Amazon Smile to raise money for the ACLU or another organization. Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t.


Thank you for your perspective and wisdom on the topic @Ninjastar. You are not wrong, I can’t just go through life being bitter. And theres nothing i can do about a lot of the worlds problems. I will try to think of how i can help in my limited ways.


Two things: 1. I really do like working. The thought of retirement makes me itch. 2. Animals are darn tasty and I intend to keep harvesting.

I agree with @Ninjastar. Too many things making your blood boil isnt gonna help anyone unless you do something about it. But it does just blow my mind how much injustice there is in the world


I know lots of people that enjoy working. My parents retired and they do not have to work but they absolutely love it and both are working again.

Do you really? Because I’d wager that most of them don’t necessarily enjoy working, but keeping busy, only in this fu cked up society, “keeping busy” is synonymous with “working a job.” Only it’s not. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Participating in hobbies and being social are also forms of keeping busy, but we’ve got them framed as this sort of “leisure” time, so people don’t think they count as being anything productive.

edit: That’s not to suggest that no one enjoys working jobs, but I’m not convinced that many people do.


Yeah I gotta call bulls### NO ONE HONESTLY ENJOYS WORKING…selling and pushing s### on other people while they push the s### you "have " to have right back at you.

I know plenty who do and I’m certainly one of them. I very much enjoy being accomplished professionally, especially when I was incorrectly told I never would be. The trick is to find the right balance. All work and no play…

Reading on existentialism gave me a very clear picture on the human condition and how everything we do is an addiction to be accepted.

I mean, clearly you’re going to know a bunch of people who enjoy feeling accomplished if you yourself enjoy feeling accomplished, because you and people like you are going to naturally seek out other people and environments that fit your personalities. This is especially true of people who are older and have found their callings. But even so, I’m just not convinced that enjoying this sense of accomplishment is always the same thing as enjoying working. How many of your coworkers or friends, do you think, would continue doing their jobs if they could get the same sense of accomplishment and the same amount of money from doing actual hobbies (ex. not passively watching TV or listening to music) that they currently think are grouped in with “resting” and “unwinding after work?” I know that such a situation is preposterous, but it still supports my point that the work itself isn’t necessarily the enjoyable part of this equation.

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Probably half of my male co-workers and only one female co-worker. That last one is my boss and her husband is so successful in business that she doesn’t need to work. At all. She enjoys it and is frankly rather good at it.

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See? That’s what I mean, assuming we’re talking about countries with a more, I guess, westernized(?) culture. I can’t speak for other countries because I know very little about their cultures.

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It ain’t worth getting mad. I’ve come to a point of acceptance. Honestly I don’t remember ever caring as long as it benefitted me. My memory could be faulty though. Change yourself before you try changing the world has become my favorite saying.

You should see what the Japanese are like. Hint: When offered a business card by a Japanese, treat it with reverence, respect the hierarchy of how they are presented if more than one person is present (and when you present yours), inspect each card thoroughly, offer thanks, and carefully put into a card case.

Japanese business ettiquette is wonderful and fearsome. Being an employee of a large company is like belonging to a clan!

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Damn. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a card case. I will definitely make sure to do my best research before traveling to other countries. I’m not a “business” person really, but I suppose it never hurts to be prepared.