Propaganda 10101010

I think I told you guys I’m sponsoring a young girl in Haiti.
They recently sent me a picture of her in the mail,

and she’s dressed in a pink Gucci shirt, and short denim mini skirt, with nice sandals.

as if now she’s rich cuz of me! ahhh, I sincerely doubt that,
but Compassion International wants me to think that.


Nice of you to do @Daze .

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yeah, thanks, long history of Ours, failing there.
multiply it by natural disasters.

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They usually are wearing clothes that have been donated. Those are every brand under the sun.

I am poor and own name brand clothes, all found at thrift stores or given to me. My kids have a lot of name brands for the same reason.

Hi zombie i cant kessage you.

Do you know if theres anyway of retrieving deleted posts/topics?

Um looking for ‘ownies fathers house is a hive for guns’

I suppose. but a 6 year old girl in a Gucci shirt in big letters across the front of the brand?
I bought a lot of clothes from
thrift shops too,
but I would have no idea about where she is living.
it just seemed kinda intentional to me.

@ZombieMombie @ninjastar

Looking for deleted posts by me in this thread

@anon47167357 don’t hijack threads.

And all you have to do is a search based on the text in the post. Make a new thread if you have to reply.

Oh, i misread. No, we can’t retrieve deleted posts.

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