Promised my friends mom

He’s sza. Almost died from mixing cocaine with clozaril in February. I promised his mom if he ever mentioned using drugs or alcohol again I wouldn’t hang out with him. He tells me he’s drinking. And he wants to go back to using Coke opiates adderall acid and ecstasy. Says he’s suicidal and he just wants to party cuz it’s better than being suicidal. Now he’s called me and texted me a few times today asking to hang out. I should have said “I won’t hang out with u if u use” but instead I just told him he shouldn’t use and he’ll get sick of it quick. What would u do. So far I’ve ignored him. But I promised his mom. Other day he told me he was 96 days sober on the phone I get to his house he says “I told u I was sober cuz I didn’t think ud come if I wasn’t sober”. He def knows why I’m ignoring him…should I text him saying I don’t wanna hang if he’s using after what happened in February. ? He lies a lot and has all the addict behavior. It’s really sad to me.


I would just be straight with him and tell him you don’t want to see him if he is using. Ball is in his court then.


I said

Yo man two months ago you told me you were never gonna use again. Then you lied to me you were sober to get me to come over. I’m worried about you. I have nothing against you as a person but I don’t think I can hang out with you if you’re using. I know it’s not fair but you were in bad shape in February and I don’t want to feel responsible for feeling like I enabled you to using… hope you understand where I’m coming from…

No response after 20 minutes. Might be a tough pill for him to swallow…

I’d stick to my guns if I were you. A promise is a promise.

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Don’t give him any false hope.

All an addict cares about is their angry fix.

What do you mean by giving him false hope?? Do you think my text was appropriate??


“I don’t think I can hang out with you…”

I will not hang out with you.

That’s all I meant.

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It’s really sad. Maybe since I’m clinically diagnosed with substance abuse disorders do I come across it more. But seems like every damn person I know is an addict to some drug. Usually Coke or opiates or alcohol. Or even weed which doesn’t appeal at all to me anymore can be real bad. I don’t have all that much hope for the addicts of my generation with the fentanyl epidemic. It’s making me sick lately. I’ve tried pretty much every class of drugs and thank god I didn’t get addicted long term to any of them aside from thinking about lsd now and then. I wasn’t in my right mind when I tried all those drugs. Wasn’t in my right mind when I did any drug… I think there are certain non addicts non mentally ill who can take psychedelics weed included and or drink but it’s not worth the risk of developing a problem. It’s really a bad world we’re living in. Now they’re trying to bring mandatory minimum sentences back. And take away the programs fighting the epidemic. Holy smokes. The end is no where in sight. Scary.