Prolactin test

I got the prolactin results back.

Have no idea what they measure it as.

This is the result:
Specimen Type: Blood
Specimen Reference#: 1
Specimen Providers Comments: REQUESTED TEST SETS COMPLETE
Collected: 16 Mar 2021
Received: 16 Mar 2021
Provider Sample ID: 00210184211

Pathology Investigations

Macroprolactin Previous negative screen September 2020

**Serum prolactin level **
Serum prolactin level 1175 mu/L [73.0 - 407.0]
Above high reference limit

General Information
Service Type: New
Status: Unspecified
Provider Report ID: 00210184211
Report Date: 17 Mar 2021

So basically it goes from 1100 mu/L and goes up to 1300mu/L

This is high, but I am told you only need to worry if it’s above 2000mu/L

Can anyone shed some light on this result, and whether it should worry me at all?

I was on 5mg of Abilify that was supposed to reduce prolactin, but now I am stopping that as it is doing f all!

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@clinic I know you know lots about prolactin as you post about it often here. What do you make of these results?



I guess you don’t need to worry, apparently then.

Although if it was me, I would still be worried but if there’s no alternative then hopefully it would be OK.

This seems where I am at. There is no way I am switching AP, as this is the only issue.

I do however worry of the long term effects.

You know, there is a pharmaceutical number you can call up. They are experts on this. Let me check what the number is, they might be able to ease your worry.

OK it is aimed at patients here, but they may be able to assist you too.

The aim of the Medicines Helpline is to support our patients (and their carers) with medicines related questions following outpatient attendance or discharge from hospital.Patients (and carers) can call the Medicines Helpline on 020 3513 6829 and speak to one of our pharmacists about their medicines.The helpline can be contacted Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (outside of these hours please leave a message and we will call you back).

Thing is I was getting super paranoid about my prolactin.

The pdoc put me in touch with the NHS pharmacist, and she agreed with me it was unacceptable and that Abilify 5mg might fix it.

She was wrong! The number is the same

So the pharmacist said it was unacceptable but the gp or pdoc said you don’t need to worry?

Maybe bring this up… For clarification.

Yep that’s what the chief pharmacist for my county on the mental health team said, and apparently she’s very good.

The pdoc said not to worry about it, as the risk vs benefit ratio of taking the Amisulpride vs. not taking it wasn’t worth the risk

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OK, hopefully it will be OK then…

I am not so sure

A long term side effect from prolactin exposure apparently is osteoporosis

I know one of the risks is bone loss so just try to do things that reduce risk of bone loss if you look it up.

Not sure what the other risks are entirely

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Just used the following url to convert your prolactin to ng/ml. Well mine is at similar levels. Yes its true i would worry if its goes above 2000 mu/L or above 100 ng/ml.

Forgot to ask, what dose of amisulpride are you taking ? Im on 200mg

Reference Ranges: Female: 59 – 619IU/mL
Male: 45 – 375 IU/mL

Mine at one point was around the 650 IU/mL level.

I am on 800mg a day have been for 3 years

It’s is relatively high but lower than most people who are taking 800mg amisulpride, usual range is 1300+ for 800mg amisulpride from what I read. I think your abilify is lowering it just not a lot

It was exactly the same on that test as it was before I started the ability!