Project UROK

Hi! Welcome!

We’re so excited that you want to make a user video for Project UROK! Sharing your story is the best way to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness, so let’s get to it!
How to Make a Video!

Step 1- Check out the rules and suggestions below.
Step 2- film your video! This is our favorite step.
Step 3- upload the video as UNLISTED (that part is important) to YouTube.
Step 4- email the link to that video to
Step 5- wait for us to process and publish your video to our channel! It takes 2-5 days.
Step 6- share that link! Be sure to follow/@/RT/tag us!
Rules and Suggestions

Your video must:
1- Be unlisted and unpublished. Questions? See below.
2- Be 2-3 minutes long.
3- Be about mental health.

Your video must not:
1- Contain any hate speech, overly sexual content or curses.
2- Advocate for or glamourize suicide, self harm, violence, drugs or alcohol*.
3- Contain any copyrighted material. That means you can talk about how inspired you are by Janelle Monae (aren’t we all?) but you can’t show her music videos.
*this doesn’t mean you can’t talk about those things- we want you to be honest about your experiences! We just want to make sure viewers don’t think suicide, self-harm, drugs or alcohol are good options for people who are in pain. If you or someone you know is suicidal, call 911 or the suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

Your video can/should:

  1. Reflect you! You’re awesome!
  2. Use the phrase “you are ok.” That’s how we end all of our videos! Feel free to do the same.
  3. Be creative! Tell a story, sing a song, make a list, show photographs or art, do a Day in the Life video. However you want to tell your story, we want to hear it!
  4. One thing a lot of people do is give their younger self advice. What do you wish you’d known when you were struggling the most?
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