Progress on my armor

Here is what I’ve been working on- Lamellar armor for medieval combat. It’s not made using historical materials- it’s polypropylene plastic and paracord instead of steel and leather, but that makes it so much lighter, and still very durable. It took me about 10 hours to get to where I am, I have what you see in the picture plus an extra upper piece done, and I’ve started working on the back lower. I figure all told it’ll be about 35-40 hours to make this suit, after i add the pauldrons and tassets. And that’s with premade plates, if i was cutting the plates myself it would take well over 100 hours.

The finished suit will have shoulder and thigh protection, and will be worn over a padded jacket called a gambeson, once I get around to sewing it. The armor is suitable for LARP, SCA, or HEMA combat, and will weigh about 14 lbs. It cost me $250 in materials.


We expect pics of the finished project!!! :heart:


Of course! I hope to be done by next Wednesday at the latest.


thats freaking awesome! good job, i dont think i would have the patience for that, lolz

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Repetitive tasks can be comforting for me, especially when there’s noticeable progress being made. Though it is rough on my hands and back, to be hunched over and threading all those little holes over and over again.

your right about repetitive task being comforting though, that’s so true

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Want to learn how to sew and knit!

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This is where I’m at now. The shoulders are done, the body is done, next up are the tassets, which go on the bottom and protect the thighs. I’ve tried it on and it fits just fine, though there’s a lot of room underneath the armpits so I might remove a layer from the uppers to bring that up. Although, I don’t want it TOO close, or it won’t fit over the gambeson. Either way, it’s not bad for a first attempt!


It’s done! Weighing in at 14.8 lbs, with 442 plates and 250 feet of paracord, it’s finally done! Or, at least, done enough to wear and use. I think I’m gonna keep the arm holes big, because I want plenty of room to move around, and gambesons are kinda bulky.

I’ll be adding straps and clips to the sides, to replace the laces that currently hold the sides shut, to allow for better fit and easier donning and removal. But for now it’s fine for the class I’m teaching on Saturday.

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