Profits over people. Welcome to the job market

Human capital is the most vital part of most businesses. So, management should take care of their staff.

COO to CEO: what if we invest in people and they leave.
CEO to COO: what if we don’t and they stay.


My employer has four core values that all employees are expected to abide by. Not honouring them is considered cause for dismissal. I’m grateful to work for an ethical employer as this has not always been the case in the past.

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What are your employer’s 4 core values? I’m curious.


I worked as a rn for a catholic hospital. Their core values were religious ones,” help the poor, etc…” but management was all about quotas and pressuring people to meet targets; some weeks I only worked 14 hours. I was a full time employee. The ceo made and extra 9 million dollars in one year. The doctors gave themselves a $30,000 bonus for one year. You were told even though your hours are based on targets and quotas to come up with more ways to save money. Helping the poor was second, if a patient had Medicaid the doctor would see them last and give them poor care compared to those with insurance.

Now if you think those people with words of humility and care for the poor really cared than their way of projecting those ideas truly fooled you.

I am a sole trader, and I actively seek to provide a service to clients to the highest possible specification of methods and materials.

If I get to the end of a job, and there is a significant gap in a budget for certain items, or if the specification changes in their favour, I credit some money back to them

Not in the business of ripping people off. I am a member of an organisation that vets trades people, and allows customers to post reviews online. It has been online since 1998! I would not have much work if I had not joined their organisation.

Of course I need to make money, but I will not take the complete piss. Big jobs I do take a larger share of left over material money allocation, but that’s purely because there is significant risk in larger projects of unforeseen expenditure, and there will be some that don’t turn as much of a profit as thought that needs combining together to balance out the good and the bad.

I am just honest with people and do things properly without cutting corners. It goes a long way.


So the money budgeted for me 40 hours or more a week those hours cut gave them left over money to the budget that they filter to the top. So their guarantee to me for a full time job was bait and switch. You see a lot after working in healthcare for 14 years. It’s terrible.

The other alternative is they give you too much work that you have to stay over at work for 2 hours to catch up on paperwork. Then they complain to you that you’re over budget; then they want you to hunt down ways to save money. Feast or famine. The overworked days are unsafe to patients but management doesn’t care they want the job done and they want their bonus.

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We are all just dollar signs to the big corporations that run the world.

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