Professional reference?

thanks for helping me update my resume, people.

by the way, what’s a professional reference?

I assumed they were people who would vouch for me, from my past work. but I never really made much connections, in my past occupations. I was usually self-withdrawn and kept to myself, so I guess that personality backfired now…

Yes, you’re correct in your definition.

You could still ask previous employers for a reference, if they are still around.

well then, I’m screwed.

on the bright side, at least I don’t have to feel guilty about getting SSI anymore. tried my best…

I’ve only had 3 “jobs.” first, when I was an old teenager working as a READ tutor. the second was a semi-independent online thing under WyzAnt where I wasn’t taking my illness seriously. the third was self-employed local math tutor where I had bad relationships with people.

You might be fine without a reference, but if not then there are probably ways of getting one with a little bit of volunteering. You can teach me something if you want and I’ll say you were epic.


Well, if you’re asked for professional references, you could just say you’ve been out of the workforce for a while and don’t have any current professional references.

I was actually thinking about volunteering in a job-related field, under an established organization. then I was going to use that organization as a reference. but that might not be good enough.

also, a lot of volunteer organizations want references too…

maybe I can join the army though. I don’t think they care for references much… right? I’d probably not live long, but what else can I do…

This reminds me of WoW achievements. If you didn’t have the achievement you couldn’t go raiding, and if you couldn’t go raiding then you couldn’t get the achievement… kekekekek

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i never tried that before. being overly honest and showing my inexperience has not been my motto, ever since my self-empolyment skit. have you ever done that? how did it go?

maybe if I was a teenager or younger, that might work though.

No I haven’t tried it either, but it seems like a reasonable approach. :thinking:

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