Productive Despite Conditions

I have been trying to stay on track, motivated, and positive. I’m paying attention to energy and signs around me so that I can adjust. I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning higher frequency of premonitions, and that they are more in tune. The full moon on November 24th 2016 will be the closest full moon view in awhile and won’t be visible again for another half century at least. I’m looking forward to this phenomena. The full moon is in Gemini.

So I really want to start painting again. I bought a kid’s paint set and did a Manet style beach scene while I was staying in Delaware on the shore. The fall/autumn leave colors are so beautiful. I just want to surround myself with happiness and joy. Spending time with this kitten and paying more attention to my biorythms and practicing non-attachment. Main theme of the year is enlightenment. My mother has been making progress in healing her mind and soul. My boyfriend is acting more devoted and responsible recently. Many people are on edge about politics, but I have to be careful because I am progressive and passionate about my views.

I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow at 1pm and I’m wondering if it’s ok if I mention that I have been having mild hallucinations and feel apathetic.

Definitely tell your doctor everything. It’s the only way to receive quality care. And you should post some of your art! We have a whole creativity section devoted to it!

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