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Hi there. I am a 29 year old diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, although I don’t agree with the diagnosis, as I think I have the full syndrome. My question is, How do you feel right before a Psychotic Breakdown? What are your feelings and thoughts? Are there any changes you can notice? Do you have something that help you to know when you are going to relapse? Thanks in advance for your replies. Bests

In my case, I got maniac about running. I even ran a marathon just 2 months before the first episode. Also my focus had been deteriorating for about a year prior. And I had mixed emotions about a girl I barely knew. Sometimes felt deeply in love, other times very angry at her.

Sorry man I feel sorry for you

I had the symptoms of depression.


depression and anxiety. nobody would have called me crazy back then.

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I had depression, anxiety, and delusional racing thoughts that lead to the hallucinations.


My sza started in my teens with severe anxiety, depression and mood swings, and a feeling like I wasn’t alone in my head and there was other presences around.

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grandiose delusions, paranoia. you can be sz/sza by being very delusional even if you don’t hallucinate.

Why did they diagnose with schizotypal?

@trelos they diagnosed me as Schizotypal because I have the negative, cognitive symptoms but I lack of prominent positive symtoms.

If you have the negatives, it would be schizoid not schizotypal

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I had depersonalization/derealization with depression during the years before my sz diagnosis.

Oh yeah I also tried to kill myself twice before my diagnosis. Ended up in the emergency from overdose with liver failure.

If you have ‘magical thinking’ and are very suspicious but not delusional or pscyhotic, then you are likely to get schizotypal.

They consider people who wear black all the time and think people ‘notice them’ or are ‘watching them’ to be candidates for schizotypal, especially if they think you take things ‘very personally’. The SPQ questionnaire is kind of dumb I think.

They will eventually add ‘bipolar with psychotic features’ if your mood changes very much and then you wind up on meds for life…

I’m sure a lot of schizotypals wind up sz or sza.

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