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Procyclidine treats eyesite changes caused by APs?


Since I have been taking procyclidine three times a day I have noticed I hardly need glasses now.


Wow man i need some of that


Are you from the states because it is not available there. You can get cogentin which I think is similar.


Im UK dude (:slight_smile:


I definitely recommend procyclidine for side effects.


i have to wear contact lenses because of abilify blurred vision and uncontrolled eye movements by geodon

do you think this can treat it?


I am having these eye movements and I told my doctor about it. He said it ISN’T from the AP. & that AP’s do not trigger eye movements. IT IS ACTUALLY THE SCHIZOPHRENIA Which I called (bullshit) yet I believed him. He’s a sock puppet for Pharm Companies. They aren’t noticeable when I am doing things or keeping busy only when I am at rest and trying to relax. The intensity of them have gone down quite a bit but it still happens.

I remember when I texted him and where I was. At triangle square, it was still light out and it was about 3-5 years ago.

I swear I have the worst Doctor.


Your not alone @cole doctors dismiss my side effects to pharma is bigger then us im afraid and most people these days say stop going on about your side effects


I had no idea APs could cause eye problems. All of a sudden about 6 months ago my eyes went completely to ■■■■. I have never needed glasses, but now everything is blurry. I wonder if it’s because of the APs or just me getting old.