Well it’s time for me to go listen to my tape about procrastination. The first exercise I heard last night + it has me interested.

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If it was me I’d put it off till later lol.


My understanding of procrastination is that its all about anxiety. We get anxious about something (a bad outcome, or failing to be able to do it, etc.) and so we push out the activity and delay it.

Best thing we can do is to break up the feared / procrastinated activity into smaler chunks and do that one small bit, then a little more, then a little more - and pretty soon we’ll find that we aren’t procrastinating any longer.

Thats the idea anyway…


I think that’s part of what this book on tape talks about.

I like concrete exercises. .The first exercise which is simply putting down on paper 4 lists of everything you want/need to do, From which you choose to do following exercises. Maybe part of it is getting in the habit of not procrastinating so you can go on from there. Or go back back if you backslide.

Procrastination. …hhhmmm.

Joke if you want…

Mr. Performance Anxiety here. I know about procrastination. And, lately, what’s back of it: “They won’t dig it, so why bother.” “I’m too worn out (from jamming) (Hey! I’m bipolar).” “I’ll do it when I’m… jamming again.”

I know this much, when I started staring the anxiety in the face, the procrastination turned into consideration. Like, “Maybe I really don’t need to add this to all the stuff I already think I have to / ought to / must / should be doing this afternoon.”

My disease is all about “too much” and “too little.” Too much, and I start acting “odd.” Too little, and I stop acting, period.

Procrastination is to put off or suspend systematically pretense enthusiasm Relevant. These actions decline into two overlapping categories: [child maintenance procrastination][2] and press in front. People who postponement child maintenance undertakings realize things taking into account leave profit the room to a disclose of uncontrollable disorganization, be of the same opinion the dishes pile in the works in the kitchen, focus on books regarding long after the term library, create photocopies unaided the day forward the exams, studying for unlimited chairs just back exams, together amid many others.

I procrastinate quite a lot .

“Better late then never” and “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”

I try to do something worthwhile. Even if I’m just lounging about , I try and concentrate on what I’m doing. I guess a practical bit of mindfulness comes in handy as well.

I could set records for procrastination. Always waiting for inspiration to hit me.

Procrastination was a problem for me until I started using the 10 StEPs. CBT, DBT, ACT, MBSR and MBBT all helped a little. But nothing worked like 10 StEPs for this.

What are the 10 StEPs?

Click on that link. It will take you to an article about them.

And when it comes to procrastination, I could smash all your records.

Maybe we should have a contest. See who can procrastinate the most.

Writing that history report in High School, well, the time to get that done has passed beyond the point of no

It runs in my family. We run away instead of toward.

One psychologist I had said I had an Avoidant Personality Disorder. In my mind procrastination was only part of it.

@firemonkey, you might like to read the Wikipedia article by that name. It seems like you might find things in there about social difficulties. (Just a suggestion. I’m not a diagnostician, that’s for sure.)