Problems with regression?

Does anyone struggle with regression?

I don’t have severe regressive problems, but sometimes my ability for higher thinking will stop.


Idk what regression is care to explain?

Age regression. It has a lot of strings attached to it, some people therapeutically regress with a counselor, others purposefully act regressive for recreational reasons (which I don’t understand the appeal of). I don’t play with alphabet blocks or anything like them, but sometimes my brain will lose tens of IQ points

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I feel like I regress when certain memories come up.

I don’t know the or a, solution.

I thought you were talking about emotional regression. That can happen too after trauma

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My thinking is pretty much like a 17 year olds. I just turned 60. My dad told me this too.
I tend to react like a teenager often.
It’s probably slightly embarrassing to observers. I’m trying to act more like an adult now.


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