Problems with breathing and its cure?

my mental state and physical state is good but I have shortness of breath and it bothers me sometimes, do any of you have this problem and what is the med for it?

Could you have asthma? Are you a smoker?

yes I smoke and I have a minor asthma, but this is not asthma but shortness of breathing.

OK, I have asthma too. First things first, quit smoking. Seriously. I used to smoke too, and would get bronchitis 3 times a year and occasional pneumonia. You gotta quit man, I’m telling you. That will help. To answer your question, see a family doctor for an inhaler like albuterol. Works wonders at opening up the airways. Works on smokers too. That would be my advice to you. Also, what kind of environment do you live in/what country are you from? If you can move to a more humid, wet environment, that will help too. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

thank you @alien99 I can’t quit smokong, I live in desert area of Iran, I have experienced this situation before and some of antipsychotics cure it but I wanted to know is there any special med for it or not?

Well, like I said, you can ask your doctor for albuterol (very common med across the world), which is short acting but unparalleled in effectiveness in emergencies. Or they could put you on a long-acting, twice a day inhaler.

Ask your doctor for a spirometry test which will determine if you have any COPD and, if so, how much. Shortness of breath (SOB) is one of the main features of COPD. And Albuterol is one of the medicines used to treat it, as well as asthma and chronic bronchitis. You really should see your doctor, man.


I sometimes also have shortness of breath when I was on Abilify5mg now I don’t as much but every so often I still do have trouble breathing and have to sit up to catch my breath I always thought it was either my medicine causing it or me being overweight probably doesn’t help none and I never been diagnosed with COPD or Asthma. My Grandmother had COPD and she died of complications with it and just plain giving up on living. I will tell my Doctor about shortness of breath if it keeps up I haven’t noticed it as much but need to know if my medicine causes it or being overweight?

I get shortness of breath, not lately though - thank goodness. I think its the meds for me, maybe the Risperdal or Lamictal doing this to me. maybe anxiety? I dont know its hard to pinpoint the cause

you can get shortness of breath from anxiety, it happens often with me , getting less though.
make a note when and where it happens , keep a diary maybe, what are the situations ?
i think smoking is bad for you and that could be the trigger but it could be just plain anxiety…!!
practice deep breathing, you could also be a shallow breather.
take care

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It was because of anxiety( though I dont feel it) and chlordiazpoxide cured it. thanx

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