Problems and more problems, please help!

hello, i have problems.

I am 5 '9 "(1.75cm) and I weigh 279lbs (127kg) I smoke I am really dependent on nicotine (25 to 30 cigs per day)

Only one person in my family loves me, the rest of the family is only afraid that the state will impose fines on them for verbal abuse towards me and they do not help, they only bring problems.

My $ 132.59 I earn goes mostly to junk food

I do not know whether to intern, here in Argentina the service for the mentally ill is deficient and horrible … they have us wandering through precarious facilities smoking and nothing else. 0 psychologists 0 restraint

I am with wellbutrim 1 pill for day but that has not helped me reduce consumption

Last question, what would you do first? diet or try to quit the cig?

I came down with emphysema after 35 years of smoking and quit Cold Turkey when I had breathing problems. I’d say try to quit smoking first. Here in the USA cigarettes are really expensive. The only problem with quitting is you will probably gain some weight.


Quit cigarettes and start to do exercise like running. If you can, buy a weight or dumbbell for you to do some light lifting.

As stamina and confidence goes up, you’ll be more likely to try more fitness

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You should diet and quit smoking at the same time.

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Diet first. Stopping the smoke would make you gain even more weight.

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Can you switch to vaping an e-cig ? That’s what I did.

quit the smoking and start dieting… not good comming from me probably as i smoke too… but 30 smokes a day is a lot.

Your body can give up smoking in two weeks of withdrawal. It is tough but doable.

To lose 40kg is going to take awhile of strenuous exercise and diet which will take over a year.

Give up smoking first IMHO. The rewards are infinite from being less smelly, breathing better to exercise with, taste becomes better. It is shorter to do and will pay off tremendously.

Get some gum, boiled sweets and a fidget spinner to occupy the hands. Don’t just sit there and let the cravings overtake you, get up and go for walks etc.

Buena suerte con su viaje.

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