Problem with AA

I see a problem with AA is that there are too many old people (No offense to @77nick77 and all the other posters that go to AA)

OKAY, “old people” was the wrong choice of words…definitely wrong…it’s more like, there aren’t enough young people in AA so I feel weird going there. Feel like I haven’t partied enough…cuz I’m often times the youngest person in the room by 20 years

Is it different in NA meetings?

Also my neighbor drinks and smokes weed…I’d hate to lose that friendship.

If I wasn’t SZ, then substance abuse wouldn’t be such a big deal, but SZ+Substance abuse=More unmanageability

One day I’ll get clean but not sure if it’s tomorrow, a year from now, or 10 years from now :confused:

I think you’re overthinking things, man. And about the age difference, I’m the oldest at group therapy, and the only white kid…, my advice is to just focus on what you have in common with them.


That depends entirely on the local group you go to. Search online for a different home group if you don’t like yours. Ours has so many different meetings with youth and young adult. My son would go every Friday starting at 10 and ending I think at 2 Am in local coffee shops. Even Spanish language.
Maybe Maryland is so stressful to live in it causes people to drink.

We have a high number of AA meetings. Living in Connecticut…everyones stressed out from the hussle and bussle from NYC.

Thanks @katwomansz

I think I may start going to AA meetings again…and NA meetings (I think they have an NA meeting 4 out of 7 days a week in my city)…I took shrooms on monday :cry:

I didn’t tell anyone but that’s probably the reason why I’ve been so pissy lately. I think NA would be more appropriate to me than AA but both are certainly applicable.

I’d like the fellowship. I feel I’m finally “ready” for “anonymous meetings”…You have to be ready…

Peace -TTP

There are AA meetings where you can find a young crowd. You just have to look around a little to find them. Also, NA is a younger crowd. Different AA groups can have different personalities. Some are big and some are smaller. In any town of any size there are several AA groups. Shop around for the one that fits you best.


I’m 47. Been sober for over 23 years. Got called an “old timer” last week. The catch? Dude who called me that is in his seventies, belly-button years. He’s working on his first-year medal. I was in AA as a young guy and now I’m there as an old(er) guy. All I can tell you is that the program works if you work it. There’s not much difference between you and the older folks – we all have to get through the same 24 hours without taking a drink.




No offense taken. I see your point but look at it this way. If you take care of your drug and alcohol problem now while you’re young you can save years of wasting your time and doing drugs and drinking. I empathize with young people who have substance abuse problems, It’s hard to be in your twenties and all your friends are doing drugs and drinking and you can’t. And it’s hard to be young and face the fact that you can never drink or do drugs for the rest of your life. Drugs are a huge part of American culture and to face the next 30, 40, or 50 years with out being able to partake can be overwhelming. Which is why of course they say one day at a time. Us old people have a wealth of experience on how to stay sober that someone in their twenties or thirties doesn’t.


I used to go to the meetings and said nothing because I am so shy. One place was called ‘serenity’ center and they had nice couches. Some had such stories. I read all the books and understand it. I was worried I may be alcoholic because my brothers, son, and Dad are. But AA helped them after hitting bottom and then they have a good life.
I’m scared sh&@less about weed, it would give me episode. I think I self medicate with alcohol and that its just better to take more meds instead of getting drunk.
I’m hope they can help if you’re ready. But it’s really helping yourself and then others I think.
Take care of yourself. :grinning:

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I’m a talkative person. I get pissed when they don’t call on me… Something I’d have to work on if I join AA. My sign is gemini and we’re the most talkative sign. (I know @Rhubot doesn’t believe in patterns but I’m sticking with it!) Last time I went to AA I got a decent applause for my eloquent speech :wink: I made people laugh. I made people cheer. I made people cry…Just kidding about the crying thing…but I did make people laugh who were twice my age.

Alcohol brings me closer to reality, it treats my symptoms, but when I’m without it, I become miserable. And then I end up doing shrooms or acid or mescaline or DMT or ayahuasca and that just makes ■■■■ 1000000x worse.

I don’t know what else I’m saying, but I think I’m ready. Maybe I’ll relapse again. But tomorrow I won’t drink. Cuz tomorrow I’m going to AA. And One Day At A Time after that! Peace!


(I’m a master pattern seeker, too; it’s how I know it when I see it :smile_cat:)

Sounds to me like you’ve developed a bad habit and when you step away from it, you fall into an even worse habit. You’ll find that people in AA will crowd you at first and try to take over your schedule, drag you to a crap tonne of meetings. Reason for that is we know all about falling back into bad habits. We keep you busy busy busy until you develop healthy new replacement habits.

What my old sponsor (since passed) told me about speaking at meetings: “You’ve got two ears and ONE mouth for a reason, boy. Think about it.” ■■■■■■■ was always right, but I usually figured that out five years after I needed to. Here’s hoping you’re quicker off the mark than I was.




I’m going to say do it anyway, and meanwhile, work on finding friends in a healthy community! They’re out there. There are so many young people riding bikes, hiking, loving nature & animals, doing yoga, eating plant-based or whatever. Modern-day hippies. They’re fun and cool. Find something healthy you love and start small. Meet-up groups are a good way to get into it too. You don’[t have to lose the relationship with your neighbor, but you could ask him/her to respect the fact that you’re trying to maintain your healthiness and try to find something else to do together. Surely he/she has other interests besides smoking weed. :relaxed:

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**Belly-button years? Oh no! :flushed: **

If you work on bettering yourself now you’ll reap the rewards instead of not knowing what to do bro. Of course challenges and illness are inevitable in life but think if you work at your character without drugs you will be more equipped to pursue your dreams. I bet your writing will improve in ways unforseen… healthier girls will find you more appealing. Your physical health will be more manageable… improved communication and compassion…

I been straight since 98 and thru aa steps and friendships with elders I’m lucky to live

If your going to AA it helps to mention you are “Duel diagnosis” meaning you have mental issues coupled with addiction problems.

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