Problem when asking "How do you do it?"

When it’s a physical task, some people get very angry when you ask them how to do it. It’s only their own lack of confidence. I guess I have to figure it out myself.

It take time and patience to explain an action that someone takes for granted. I sometimes get frustrated with myself when people ask me how to swim.

I know how to swim… but I don’t know how to explain how I swim.

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And one can’t just copy someone who is unsure of how to do something, himself.

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I see it this way. There are skill and knowledge which I can share (“for sale”), but there are also skill and knowledge which I cannot share (“buy only”). :smile_cat:

Remember the old greeting “How do you do.” ?

I learn best though observation and imitation. I will attempt things on my own until I get stuck and require assistance. Not everyone is generous with their knowledge. Some refuse to teach others because of their fear the student will be better than them. Others resent having to teach that which they struggled to learn by themselves. Some people are just plain jerks that feel they have to know(and show) more than others.
Then there is that special brand of creepy mean people that are happy and willing to teach you everything, until you discover from all the humiliating laughter, that they intentionally taught you wrong.

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