Problem discussion

It is not information overload,
it’s filter failure. By Clay Shirky.

Schizophrenics ( people who have Schizophrenia ), is it information problem or filter problem we are facing all the time in our lives?


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I dont think ive ever understood one of your posts lol


We have tough mental / psychological challenges / hurdles…

Are our problems…

  1. Lack of information


  1. Filtering information failure

If you ask me, we don’t have information or key on how to filter, what to filter and actually to know that we even have to filter information.

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Whats up @anon93437440…!!! Arent u taking any medication…!!

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@farcry I have a list of 45 items in allergy and I am not eating those foods and I am having better mind than before the time when I was eating those foods…

Here is the list…

aubergine (nightshade)
barley (gluten grain)
Brazil nuts
chillies (nightshade)
citrus fruits (such as oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit)
cola nuts
cow’s-milk products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter)
durum wheat
haricot beans
kidney beans
MSG (mono-sodium glutamate)
oats (gluten grain)
potatoes (nightshade)
rye (gluten grain)
sheep’s cheese and milk
sweet green peppers (nightshade)
sweet red peppers (nightshade)
tomatoes (nightshade)
wheat (gluten grain)
all gluten grains
all members of the nightshade family
all food additives
all food preservatives
all artificial colours

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No, I’ve stopped taking medication.

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I get what you’re trying to say but your gramar and general sentence structure is making your sentences difficult to follow is what I think farcry was trying to say… I think?

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I agree that I’m not good at English. Sorry and thanks for making a note of it.

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This list is from this book [ The Food Intolerance Bible A Nutritionist’s Plan ].

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Okay @anon93437440 hows ur health now… any delusion or positive symptoms…!!

Friends, I think there is enough information that helps Schizophrenics live normal life.

But, we are not receiving it into our minds and thus not implementing that information in our lives.

That is what this topic / post is all about.


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One day I took copper tablets and I couldn’t sleep and had trouble with thoughts.

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Do u sleep good now…???

Yes, my sleep has improved. If I take probiotics, I sleep better. Need to buy them.

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Good good…!!! Take care sagar…!!! We have to improve at any cost.!!!

@farcry Last month I used Lions mane mushroom from amazon india and I felt lot of improvement.

I ordered three 100 gram packets which is cheap.

There are research topics that say that Lions mane mushroom helps people with Schizophrenia.

I improved a lot with it.

My Father was not giving me money, and due to bad bacteria / OCD-intrusive thoughts I was getting violent and my Father told me he will give 10,000 rupees every month and I placed an order for those three packets.

Believe me Lions mane mushroom works in an unbelievable way. It improved my brain a lot.

There is a free book on amazon india about Lions mane mushroom and it too mentions that it is beneficial to people with Schizophrenia.

I hope you use it.

He said it is my salary.

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Hi @anon93437440, good afternoon. How are you?

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Hi Aku hows life treating you ?

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I’m fine. Doing great. I am free from hell which I used to have.

Hell is no more.

But, severe dysfunctional brain is a complete reality.

I am living like a grown up baby.

Most of my brain is dysfunctional. Both my short-term and long-term memory are negligible.