Problem all my life

my looks never matched my self confindence


Same ideal image doesn t fit with my real image.actually it has huge difference between them

They say that was true of King Tut.

What is that.can you explain this ?

Actually I’m not sure what you meant by image. King Tut’s actual physical image was kind of weak and deformed by an illness. The image that was portrayed to the public who did not see him in person and in the monuments built of him for his burial home were of a beautiful, powerful looking person befitting royalty and godliness I guess you’d say. Hey, I read an article in a magazine.

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I’ve always felt like I fit my body and face. I am short and have masculine features like my chin and eyes. My forehead and eyes seem to reflect my thoughts and feelings. I have fuller lips, like my mom. I have a purdy mouth.

I actually sort of like being short. It matches my personality- tries hard, has heart, is limited by things he can’t control. Tries harder because of his limitations.

But then again I am also quite athletic so that plays a part. It’s what I naturally do- workout six mornings a week at least.

And I do come from backgrounds of having used to hang with the best fighters and powerlifters in the gyms I used to go to, so my standards for my baseline are quite high. I mean I used to be really really competitive.

It’s more than that though, I have issues with my reflection because I see a sick and dangerous young man who hears voices and thinks crazy thoughts and is in military grade fitness and well trained. On the other hand, I feel like an elite psych major, which is how I subjectively experience myself. It’s a problem- it’s some Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stuff.