Bought them today.

Hoping my stomachpain gets better.
I believe its from stress.

Anyone had These problems?

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When I had a haital hernia it got worse with stress but after the op dont have stomach pains. Do you get bad heartburn?

No, i dont.
I dont really know what it is. But i know stress is common factor.
Gonna check it up If it doesnt get better.

They seem to help.
Not much stomach pain anymore.

I have to take probiotics because I was recently on antibiotics and they destroy my whole ecosystem if I don’t balance them out with a probiotic.

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I didnt know antibiotics do that.

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They kill all the bacteria in your body, including the healthy bacteria in your intestines and vagina (if applicable). This can lead to diarrhea and yeast infections, as the healthy bacteria die out and other microbes in your systems grow out of control.

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I’m getting mine in a week.

What u gonna take them for?

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